Secure - 24/7

Secure – 24/7 helps the all types of Industries & business to improve brand value.

Secure – Retail – helps Industries & business to ensure that the SOP is followed during the operations through Live monitoring.

Secure – 24 / 7 helps to improve the brand value and good will of business by ensuring that the SOP is followed.

You are in charge of operations at a retail outlet, plant or factory or warehouse or food factory or such premises where it is critical that operational SoPs are followed.

Your Expectations

  • In cases like food factory, it is most critical
  • You know the importance of SoPs and its effect on efficiency and quality.
  • You also know that sometimes some employees may not follow it.


  • You are responsible for efficiency
  • You don’t want a quality disaster on your hands.
  • You want to take corrective action immediately.
How does Secure – 24 / 7 works for factories & warehouses?
  • Production areas, Loading & UN-loading areas are covered by Camera and connected to Sporada Secure Command Center.
  • Video footage of selected factory & dock camera is connected live to Sporada Secure Command center
  • Any non compliance w.r.t SOPs are captured, short video clips are made and provided to you in real-time for further action.
  • Companies have found that Compliance during operations, Loading and Unloading have drastically improved and pilferage have all most become negligible.

After correcting the non-compliance, companies have found a substantial improvement in efficiencies.




Health Care



Sporada Secure - features

To combat the present security threats, Sporada Secure has developed latest Video analytics algorithms .
Sporada Command center
  • Live view – Get anywhere, anytime live view of any camera across all your premises world-wide.
  • Incident video – Get links for downloading the video of any reported incident at any premises instantly on your mobile.
  • Cloud storage – Get cloud storage if you need to maintain archive of the video for longer duration of time.
  • Health Status – Get health status of all your devices across all your premises across the globe.
  • Alerts –Get real-time alerts about the incidents.
  • Ticket status – We follow unique case management system for the incidents and follow-ups until it is resolved .

Why Sporada Secure?

Sporada Secure is the first eSurveillance Provider in India with 100% in-house video analytics . We at Sporada Secure helps you to prevent a crime before it happens.

Sporada Secure Video Analytics


Face Recognition
Face Detection
Object Tracking
Personnel Monitoring
People Counting
Queue Counting
Abandoned Object 
License plate recognition

We serve across the globe

Sporada Secure has become India’s first eSurveillance company who have developed 100% in-house Video & Alarm Management System along with 36+ Video Analytics algorithms.

To know more how Secure-24/7 can help to protect your Perimeter