Secure - Track

Secure – Track helps the business owners,Educational institutions and any other industries to keep track of persons or vehicles.

Secure – Track – is designed for Industries,Educational institutions or any other business to track their human resources or vehicles along with attendance with GPS co-ordination, date & time.

Secure – Track helps business, Industries and institutions to ensure the proper utilization of their resources.

Do you want to ensure that your human resources & vehicles are utilized properly ?

Your Expectations

  • You need save time of travelling of your on-field employees to office for marking attendance
  • You need to ensure the utilization of vehicles
  • You need to ensure that the goods are delivered on time through your logistics to customers
  • You need to ensure safety of your employees , students or Kids during any emergency situation.


  • Old bio metric system or manual attendance
  • No resources to track the movement of your trucks or vehicles
  • No way to get the updates from your field employees or to validate it
  • No way to monitor the behavior or movement of your kids or students.
  • No way to help your employees or vehicles or students and kids during their emergency
How does Secure – Track helps to your business & Parenting?
  • The employees or students attendance is marked using GPS & Selfie photograph with location details along with date and time.
  • When an field executive visit any customer, it will be validated using OTP & GPS location to ensure that the visit is genuine.
  • The vehicles movement are tracked continuously and in case of any deviation in route the same will be alerted, meanwhile the drivers can also contact our Sporada Secure central monitoring station using SOS button in mobile app for any emergency help.
  • Parents can install the mobile app in their kids mobile phone where they will be getting alerts about their kids movement & kids can use the SOS feature during emergency.




Health Care



Sporada Secure - features

To combat the present security threats, Sporada Secure has developed latest Video analytics algorithms .
Sporada Command center
  • Live view – Get anywhere, anytime live view of any camera across all your premises world-wide.
  • Incident video – Get links for downloading the video of any reported incident at any premises instantly on your mobile.
  • Cloud storage – Get cloud storage if you need to maintain archive of the video for longer duration of time.
  • Health Status – Get health status of all your devices across all your premises across the globe.
  • Alerts –Get real-time alerts about the incidents.
  • Ticket status – We follow unique case management system for the incidents and follow-ups until it is resolved .

Why Sporada Secure?

Sporada Secure is the first eSurveillance Provider in India with 100% in-house video analytics . We at Sporada Secure helps you to prevent a crime before it happens.

Sporada Secure Video Analytics


Face Recognition
Face Detection
Object Tracking
Personnel Monitoring
People Counting
Queue Counting
Abandoned Object 
License plate recognition

We serve across the globe

Sporada Secure has become India’s first eSurveillance company who have developed 100% in-house Video & Alarm Management System along with 36+ Video Analytics algorithms.

Features of Business Analytics

People counting and gender analytics

For a business the footfall is critical to ascertain the popularity of the store and also to compare with other stores. Gender analytics becomes important for fashion and garment stores.
A camera is installed at the entrance of the store that will count the people coming an and out and their gender.
This information will be available on the Securens Mobile APP.

Emotion Detection

A camera installed at the billing counter can detect emotions of the person during billing. This will also give you an idea of the happiness of person during the billing process.
Such cameras installed around the billing counters can also give you alerts if POS counters are not manned or if queue length has exceeded.
This information will be available on the Securens Mobile APP.

Queue length management

A camera installed at the billing counter can measure the length of the queue. If it exceeds, an alert can go to the shop floor manager to take necessary action.

POS manning

A camera installed at the billing counter can alert the shop floor manager of any POS counter is unmanned.

To know more how Secure-Track can help to protect your Perimeter

Secure – Track